Quote of the Week- Courageous

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Be Courageous Again… Who are you, if not a courageous person? An individual willing to try hard everyday, even when it’s difficult. Courage has nothing to do with status or money. It is the willingness to stand-tall in the midst of hopelessness. Courage is going forward with dreams even when they haven’t shown themselves to be fruitful. Courage is being an optimistic person regardless of the negativity that surrounds you. Every day presents the opportunity to try again and a courageous person is always willing toRead more …

Last Minute Halloween Cupcake Recipe

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Halloween Cupcakes

Super Easy Halloween Cupcake Recipe… If you’re pressed for time this Halloween, this cupcake recipe is just what you need. It’s quick and really easy to do! All you need is to spare a few minutes to gather the listed ingredients below. Once everything collected, you’ve got yourself some delicious cupcakes! Did I forget to mention these are of course are Halloween themed?! From the inside all the way to the outside, these cupcakes scream nothing but spooky! It’s perfect for parents too if your child hasRead more …

Quote of the Week- Mentally Stronger

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Mentally stronger

Get Mentally Stronger Now! Have you ever been mentally and physically tired at the same time? I sure have and it isn’t a good feeling at all because your body and mind are both in the process of trying to shut down. I have a bad habit of letting my emotions get the best of me and it takes a toll on my body where it hurts. This terrible feeling is called “stress” and it something that most people suffer from daily.   If weRead more …

Blackhead Removal Mask (Video)

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Blackhead Charcoal Mask

Blackhead Mask Done At Home… How many times have you tried to get rid of your blackheads, but had many failed attempts? This really simply DIY blackhead removal mask should be able to help you get rid of them for good! It’s just going to take a little bit of products and of course a ton of blackheads! Blackheads are super annoying and if you wear makeup, it seems like they like to just hangout in areas where they standout and you cannot hide them. ItRead more …

Tips on Meal Planning

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Meal Planning

Helpful Tips to Meal Planning… Meal planning is very important to do if you live on a tight budget, are trying saving money, or just to eat healthier. Some families also use meal planning as a source to balance out their daily and weekly schedules. In this section, I want to share some helpful tips on creating a meal plan for you and your family. I hope that these tips will let you have understanding why meal planning is so essential. I must admit, that I have lived on eating out almostRead more …

Quick and Simple Omelet in a Bag

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How to: Make a Quick Omelet in a Bag… I don’t know about you, but making an omelet can be a complicated task. It seems like when you want them to look perfect, they look that much messier! I guess part of the problem I thought was I do not own one of those handy omelet makers. You know the ones you see on commercials and infomercials? They always make it look so easy, yet in the back of my mind I know I would just messRead more …

Quote of the Week- Cherish Your Life

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Cherish Each and Everyday… As we enter into a new week, I want you to take some time to think about what it really means to cherish each day. Life is so important and is often taken for granted by many. It’s something how we all cherish our beloved phones, tv, and other things we use daily. Somehow in the midst of all of our material items, we can forget about life. Ask yourself, when is the last time you woke up feeling grateful and readyRead more …